Andrzej Żurowski passed away

January 5 in the evening after a long serious illness died professor Andrzej Zurowski, lecturing at the Theatre Department (part of Polish Studies Institute) at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Poland, a prominent Polish essayist and theater critic, scholar of Shakespeare, a longtime chairman of the Theatre Critics Club, our reliable friend.

He left a number of important books, including the monumental series on the presence of Shakespeare’s works in the Polish theatre and Czytając Szekspira [Reading Shakespeare] the book of brilliant sketches about Shakespeare, the other next to the sketches of Jan Kott so deep and comprehensive story of the works of the greatest playwright of all Europe, which is written in Polish. In recent years, he studied the achievements of Helena Modjeska, which resulted in the new books and findings in the American archives. He has had about one thousand publications on theatre history and on Polish and international contemporary theatre. Ten of his twenty three published books, were devoted to Shakespeare.
Andrzej Zurowski spent many years creating an environment theater critics in Poland and in the world, for several tenure he served as the President of the Polish section of AICT / IATC, as well as international vice-president of the Association from 1981 – he became its honorary vice-president in 2003 and the honorary president of the Polish Club Theatre Critics in 2001. The last time he was in this role during the Congress AICT / IATC in Warsaw in March last year when, as a senior critic he opened the world’s largest meeting of theater critics. He personally organized the Congresses in Poland in 1992 (Warsaw) and 1998 (Gdansk).

Board of the Club of Theatre Critics
Polish Section of AICT / IATC

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