Przed Kongresem AICT/IACT w Sofii

Najbliższy, 23 Kongres AICT/IACT odbędzie sie za rok z okładem w połowie kwietnia 2008 roku w Sofii. Jego tematem będzie "Teatr i humanizm w świecie przemocy". Wszystkich zainteresowanych udziałem oraz przedstawieniem swojego głosu w tej sprawie prosimy o kontakt z Zarządem polskiej sekcji. W załączeniu odezwa programowa Kongresu.

Theatre and Humanism in Today’s World of Violence

At a time when human life is becoming more and more devalued and human beings more and more disposable, the XXIII Congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics proposes to look at violence in the theatre, and the critic’s response to it.
What makes violence on stage today so sexy? Until quite recently, violence for its own sake was the prerogative of B-feature films and junk mystery novels. What made theatre follow suit? What is the impact of the theatre of violence on the audience? Doesn't it actually make them conformists?
Is there still a place for humanism among all the post-modern “isms”, including post-human or meta-human theatre? What is the relationship between violence and the aesthetics of ugliness? How does theatre stand against the right of might (and the ensuing violence) which has become a norm today on the stage of the world? And how can theatre and theatre critics help preserve humanistic values on and off stage? Should they even try?
We invite papers dealing with these and like questions, with examples from the theatre of your own country or of the world.


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