World Wide Week of Writing for the Performing Arts

Dear friends,

The Cultural Center of La Castellane and Les Auteurs de L'Ombre are happy to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, and just one week prior to take-off, the 2007 edition of the World Wide Week of  Writing for the Performing Arts is about to begin !

Find out more about this year's program here :

Like past years, you'll be able to follow our online videoconferences, lectures, debates and  theatre plays through our 

40,000 internet connections were accounted for last year, and 40 countries relaying this event… Thank you all for forwarding this information to your address book.

World Wide Week of Writing for the Performing Arts is supported by : Conseil Régional Paca, Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône, la ville de Marseille, L'Arcade, les Ecrivains Associés du Théâtre, l'Espace Culture Multimédia de Martigues, l'Espace Régional Internet Citoyen Paca, la Théâtrothèque, la Fondation Logirem, la Phocéenne 
d'Habitation, Carrefour Grand Littoral, Vidéo Events, Théâtre de l'Ephémère, Noticias Teatrales…

We hope you will be amongst our guests wether it be on the web or in the house audience.

So, may living playwrights' works be encountered everywhere by the living audience!

Kind regards,

Fabrice Raina,
President of Auteurs de l'Ombre,
Manager in charge of the Cultural Center of La Castellane

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