Masakra w Paryżu

Po zamachu terrorystycznym w Paryżu przewodnicząca i sekretarz generalny AICT/IATC wydali oświadczenie:

The International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT-IATC) extends its deepest sympathies to the victims of the January 7 terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. This act of senseless violence is a chilling assault on freedom of expression. For those who practice the profession of criticism, free expression is the air that sustains our life’s work. Vicious attacks such as these threaten not only our daily work but also demand that we stand firm in the face of those who would shake civilization to its very core. We are all Charlie Hebdo.

Margareta Sörenson, President of IATC

Michel Vaïs, Secretary General

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