Kondolencje z wielu stron świata

Nadal na ręce sekretarza generalnego AICT Michela Vaisa i wiceprzewodniczącego AICT, przewodniczącego sekcji polskiej Tomasza Miłkowskiego napływają kondolencje dla rodziny i przyjaciół z AICT z całego świata. Wzruszające słowa nadeszły m.in z  Japonii, Portugalii, Chin i Finlandii. Za wszystkie te dowody współczucia i dobra pamięci serdecznie dziękujemy.


Dearest Tomasz,


What a sad news we have to receive !!! No words can properly express our sorrow and this huge loss for us.

The Japanese Section of IATC and myself would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to you, the Polish Section of IATC and Anjzei’s family.

We all remember his highly academic and  precious contribution to the Asian Forum in Tokyo, when he kindly participated in our symposium. He gave a special lecture during his visit, which elevated the quality of our event. And, we also remember his elegance as a typical European gentleman always in a white suit. We deeply appreciate his great efforts to bring a great success to the world congress of IATC along with you.

We will spiritually participate in his funeral tomorrow to pray and mourn for him and our sorrow and sympathy will be with you.


With sincerest regards,


Kojin Nishido

Akiko Tachiki

Morihiro Niino

Mariko Anazawa

All the Members of the IATC Japan



Estimado Michel Vais

Manifiesto mi solidaridad con la familia y colegas de Andrzej Zurowski, por su lamentable desaparición.


Jorge Prada Prada

Association internationale des critiques de théâtre, Colombia


Dear Friends,


I am sorry to bring sad tidings so early in the year but our longtime friend and collaborator, Andrzej Zurowski, died January 5.

Jeffrey Jenkins, USA


Dear Friends

on behalf of the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics I present my condolences to his family, colleagues in Poland, and friends everywhere.

Andrzej Zurowski was friendly, dilligent, really involved in the IATC and a man of culture.

It is sad how often we have lately said goodbye to some of our colleagues and friends!

Let these sad experiences make us more generous and understanding to each other.

A great hug

Maria Helena Serôdio


Dear Colleagues,


Prof. Zhang Xian, Prof. Xie Boliang and Prof. Peng Tao, I and China Section send our deepest condolences to our dear colleague Mr. Andrezej Zurowski and his families. We fee very sorry about his death.


As a young theatre critic, I personally benefited a lot from his articles and the book he edited. His wise and sharpness in his articles has inspired me a lot. In Polish Congress, we talked about his possible trip to China in the next IATC Congress. What a pity we could not welcome him in Beijing!


Wish him a peaceful life in another world.




Zhang Xian

Xie Boliang

Peng Tao

Zhu ning

China Section of IATC



Sincere condolences from the Nigerian Section of the IATC. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

Emmanuel Dandaura, Nigeria


Dear colleagues,

I am very unhappy to receive such a news , loosing a staunch defender of theater like Mr. Andrzej Zurowski means loosing a real and rare artist and is a news deserving of sorrow .


Your sincerely,

Samia Habib





Dear Tomasz,


I am sorry to hear that Andrzej Zurowski has passed away.


He was my first international mentor, when I entered IATC activities in Gdansk in 1998. His knowledge of theatre and his always suprising sense of humour made a lasting impression on me.


I was fortunate to meet him in 2010 in Tokyo, after many years of not seeing each other, and very glad that he continued our discussions as if there had been no interruption. I felt proud to be recognized by such a milestone as Andrzej.


Kind regards,

Matti Linnavouri, Finland


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