The Autumn without Theatre: about the Present and the Future of Performing Arts

Tobias Biancone (Director General of ITI-UNESCO), Yvette Hardie (President of ASSITEJ), Bert Determann (President of OISTAT), and Dadi Pudumjee (President of UNIMA)

in Dialogue with Octavian Saiu

Premiere on

November 12, starting 7 PM (EET)

What is happening with theatre? What will happen with the entire field of performing arts when the current disaster passes, eventually? How much longer are we able to withstand – individually and collectively – a crisis that has disrupted not only our work schedule and plans for a show, a season or a festival, but our very way of life? Such urgent questions have no answer or perhaps they have too many answers. All of us, those who are related to the universe of the stage one way or another, are haunted by them. We need these queries and, moreover, we are morally compelled to keep reflecting on them, in a period of time when our core values and the actual existence of the theatre that we love are threatened from all directions.

Such thoughts are imperative arguments for a special edition of The Seasons of Theatre Dialogue. My guests for this edition will try to answer the questions above and many more about the present and the future of performing arts. Who are these guests? The leaders of the oldest and most prestigious organisations of theatre practitioners: the International Theatre Institute (ITI – UNESCO), the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ), the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), and the International Puppetry Association (UNIMA). Therefore, you are all invited to a debate on some very important and urgent issues with Tobias Biancone (Director General of ITI-UNESCO), Yvette Hardie (President of ASSITEJ), Bert Determann (President of OISTAT), and Dadi Pudumjee (President of UNIMA).

The survival and the mission of theatre, the current situation of those who believe in it, the condition of artists from all over the world and the mindset of spectators of all ages: these are the themes of a timely autumn edition of our seasonal Dialogues.” – Octavian Saiu

The debate will be broadcasted internationally on November 12 at 7 PM (Bucharest time) as a premiere on Teatrelli’s Facebook page. For further reference, the debate will be available to watch on the website, as well as the Vimeo and Youtube channels of Teatrelli, starting November 13.

The event is organised by Teatrelli (a project of Bucharest municipality) in partnership with ITI-UNESCO.

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